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Change of Scene?

By SingleinShires Saturday night was a farce. One of those nights where you start to question whether this is your actual life or there are in fact hidden cameras recording your every move and someone out there is sat watching and laughing at you. The The Last Single... read more

The Young One!

By TheFemmeFemale Now if you knew me you’d know I have an extremely high criteria when it comes to choosing who I go out with. The more experience I have, the more I expect from a man and there are some very basic rules  I find it very hard to veer away from  I... read more

Monday I’m in love

By Katy Red. The tube in rush hour is a strange place. There are not many situations one finds oneself pressed against total strangers, unless of course you have attended certain hedonistic soirees in Portland Place, but that’s for another day. No indeed, it can prove... read more

Never Leave Your Wing Man

By SingleintheShires I committed the ultimate sin on Saturday night. I left my wing man… No I’ve not gone and tried to chat a man up using only lines from the film Top Gun again (not that it worked the first time and now The Boy is in Afghanistan which apparently is a... read more

Stalkers and Losers

By SingleintheShires PIC and I seem to be over our man-drought and there have been a few flirtatious texts, meeting for drinks and dinner dates going on in recent weeks. There have also been nights spent wanting to bang our heads against walls, questioning the meaning... read more

Dead Wood

By Katy Red I received a call from a gentleman the other day. I didn’t recognise the number having recently deleted all my contacts accidently on my phone. I was not sad about this, figuring that actually it was a good way of clearing out the dead wood. Spring... read more

Those Cringey Moments!

By SingleintheShires Despite portraying the image on a daily basis that I have everything ‘together’ all the time and that I am organised and mature, there are times when even little old me wishes the ground would swallow me up! And because life has a way of really... read more


By Singleintheshires I thought one of the hardest things to do as a Singletini is to get through family occasions with the aging aunty asking why I’m not married yet. It seems it’s not. You see, you EXPECT aunties to want to know when you’re getting married as buying... read more


I have been cursed with the flu for the last 5 days and have found myself somewhat bored at home. There are only so many times you can update your status on Facebook, chat to strangers on Twitter and Google your own blog address. So bored was I even Snape Maltings... read more

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I was chatting to a friend yesterday. She is single and in rather a quandary about why. My conclusion was, not that she was too fussy but that her type was too specific. She had a very small age window to negotiate around (and is yet to experience the joys of saga... read more

Do We Have Time For Love

click here for original post or read more on Ritzi Cortez I’ve been thinking about this recently. Someone once said to me, that I’d never find love in London. At the time I scoffed (I was young and naive) and replied that OF COURSE I would, what better place to meet a... read more

Launch Date

We are busy working on selecting the best dating blogs for your entertainment. So check in regularly but we won’t be fully live until later in the month. In the mean time let us know if there is anything specific you would like to see. The Singletinis... read more


Welcome to This is your one stop dating store with stories galore. Join us as we regale you with stories of dates past. We’ve got the good,  the bad and the ugly. If you would like to submit your own dating stories please contact us at... read more