Ritzi Cortez


Ritzi’s been recording the ups and downs of her life in the ‘glamorous’ West End since 2009, bringing sordid tales and fabulous adventures to the blogosphere. Despite being routinely shat upon (not literally, yet) by West End Leading Men and the like, she maintains a wry smile and never lets a glass run dry.

ClimbingRitzisLadder.com was last year shortlisted for a Cosmo Blog Award (didn’t win, but we don’t talk about that) and as a result Ritzi drank a lot of fake cocktails and took home a goody bag that introduced her to the wonder of Moroccan Oil. Since then, she has wangled her way into many more events and many more goody bags, but none have since contained Moroccan Oil. Sad face.
While it’s not exactly words of wisdom she imparts, the general idea is to learn from her mistakes, and AVOID DATING ACTORS AT ALL COSTS. Sleeping with them is okay though, because while they are bastards, they are usually rather attractive.
In short, there are parties, boys, open bars, boys, drunken errors in judgement (aka boys) and occasionally snippets of culture. Join the madness at ClimbingRitzisLadder.com, or in 140 character format by following @RitziCortez.