By The Hopeful Romantic

You used to (read: a couple of days ago),  spend all day messaging, tweeting and FBing each other. Your conversations were ‘epic’….. spanning the length and breadth of all  possible conversational areas: Philosophy, politics, music… The list was endless.

And then one day.  It just stopped.

*BBM confused face*

And you’re left asking some variation of this:

“Got talking to a guy through  …Twitter. He was doing all the chasing, now he’s backed right off. To ignore him or keep persevering?”

Safe to say, I think we’ve all been there.  But what should we do? Should you ignore or should you persevere?  The question that often runs through someone’s mind is –  Why did he stop calling / tweeting/ BBMing?

Who really knows?

I’ve had a conversation s with fellows and responses were varied and in some instances just scary:

– Married
– was only after sex and quite frankly she was taking too long
– I didn’t like the way she spelled/spoke/ or her use of the <insert slang word here>
– she seemed like she was getting too heavy
– I just couldn’t be bothered

To be honest, the reason he cut off contact doesn’t really matter. The fact is he did.

If you believe all the self help books out there… Men are like hunters.

That means that You sister-girl, should not be hunting him down.

Now before I get tomatoes thrown at me – I’m not talking about the Rules, faux humility, faux girliness!  I have no time for game playing. I’m talking about you having a realistic belief in your worth. I’m talking about you recognising that not everyone is for you and you’re not for everyone. Maybe he recognised that fact and was just too wimpy to tell you… Or maybe… well lets not  spend too long speculating on it.

There are no hard and fast rules to this. Each situation has to be taken on its individual merit

But i think it’s safe to say the following should be avoided:

– phone/ BBM /twitter stalking them is an absolute no-no
– trying to come up with logical reasons as to why he needs to continue your interaction

IF you feel in your heart that there was a personal issue he was facing then maybe – attempt a contact.  But no more than that – he wasn’t your husband or your boyfriend – just someone you were getting to know.

All I can say is this, never try to persuade or convince someone that they need to be with you. Because shoot – if they can’t see it  for themselves  and you have to fling yourself at them any relationship that then flows from there will be on the basis of one person not really wanting to be there.

“If you put a small value on yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price.”  – Anon

Know your worth.
Keep Going!

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