By The Dating Game

Last Friday night, my two girlfriends and I descended onto the streets of Camden. One friend was meeting up with a guy she had first met the previous week and wanted us to be nearby incase he turned out to be a freak. Unfortunately for us, he turned out to be a gorgeous Brad Pitt Lookalike…

Once our local haunt closed at the ripe old time of 1am, we decided to head on down to our favourite salsa club. After a few sweaty moves, my friend and I decided to go outside for a breather, and as we sat down, I noticed a cute guy looking over.
I decided to play it cool and ignore him for a little while, until which point, I glanced at him and caught him looking. We both laughed and he invited my friend and I to sit with his two friends.
Fast forward a couple of hours, and we had completely hit it off (despite the fact he was 13 years older). We had all moved on to have a shisha and mint tea, and he was starting his first suggestions of asking me to come back to his place.
Seeing as my two friends were staying over at mine, I didn’t want to abandon them (girls gotta stick together right?!), but I couldn’t help but feel something. My instinct said that this could be an amazing night, and while I don’t usually do this sort of thing, I felt strangely drawn to him, and spending more time with him.

I told him to give me his address and number, and that I was gonna go home. If I dropped the girls off at mine, and changed my mind, then I would get a cab to his, but if I didn’t, then he would never see me again. After exchanging a few texts in the cab on the way home, I decided I would go.

Once home, I quickly jumped in the shower, and changed into my beautiful lacy ‘sex’ underwear. Between his impatient texts, and my cab calling, I paused briefly to think whether I was doing the right thing. I felt certain that I was, so at 5.30am, I got into a taxi and made my way to a stranger’s house.

Once there, it became clear that I had made the right choice. The electricity was unbelievable, and we spent the next 8 hours in bed not sleeping. He made a comment saying that he couldn’t believe how comfortable he felt with me, and funnily enough I had thought the same thing. It kind of freaked me out, but also felt strangely comforting. He couldn’t keep his hands off me, and at one point I was dozing off, wrapped in his arms, my face close to his face. I think he thought I was asleep because he squeezed me tightly and whispered “you’re lovely” after kissing my forehead.

We had many conversations that morning. We talked about our families, our past relationships, our ambitions, our experiences, and we had a lot of laughs. He said that he thought it would be a crime not to see each other again, but I couldn’t help but wonder whether this would be that one amazing night, and nothing more.

It’s been 4 days and nothing, but only time will tell.

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